30 October 2011

Hand made for GIS day

Suddenly I came up with Idea to make something funny or at least something uncommon for GISday. Well, I have neither a great mind nor time to do a presentation at my work. So, I've decided to make Cartography/GIS related by my hands.
I've chosen a picture for my 'Pin yourself on the map' badge.
while googling  for pins accidentally found nice hand made for GISday. Here are my 10 top findings
#1 Stairs

#2 Jacket 
#3 Cashwallet

#4 Love Map

#5  Christmas Ornaments

#6 Accessories - Earrings & Brangle /Bracelet & Ring

#7 Labels & Gift tags & Envelopes & Set of stickers
#8 Heart shaped pincushion

#9 A set of two hand-made buttons

 #10 Wrapping paper & Book cover

Reuse! Recycle! Be Creative!

1 comment:

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