16 June 2013

Google Earth Project

The task is to create a Google Earth tour (KMZ file) of five locations to tell a story. 
Your tour should meet the criteria below as well as include one or more advanced features: 
  • 5 cohesive placemarks are in a folder (Lesson 4.2) [5 points]
  • Each placemark includes a description of what is interesting about it (Lesson 4.2) [5 points]
  • Adjust the snapshot view of each placemark so that the placemarks make visual sense (Lesson 4.2) [5 points]
  • At least 2 placemarks include an image or a video (Lesson 4.2) [2 points]
  • Share the tour by uploading the kmz file to Google Drive (Lesson 4.4)
  • Include one or more advanced feature from the list below: [5 points]
    • The tour is narrated (with text or audio) (Lesson 4.3)
    • At least one placemark includes a look around (360-degree panorama) (Lesson 4.3)
    • A path is included (Lesson 5.1)
    • The tour has a nice flow: not choppy, fly through the terrain instead of jumping from place to place (Lesson 4.3)
    • A polygon is added (Lesson 5.1)
    • The kmz file is embedded in a website
    • The default touring settings have been changed
    • The tour goes underwater (Lesson 5.3)
    • Other media (music, images, audio clips) have been integrated
    • Overlays and 3D models have been included
    • The tour shows changes over time using historical imagery (Lesson 5.2)
    • The tour includes an imported KMZ/KML file
    • The tour uses Street View (Lesson 4.1)

and it doesn't work properly on the web page :-( advanced features are not supported

13 June 2013

Google Maps Engine assignment

Mapping with Google is offered from June 10 to June 24  through as a self-paced course.
Course won't take much of your time, it's very easy and comprehensive.
Here is the one of assignment where you have to build a map using different sources of data, layers, styling technics, etc.

09 June 2013

Glasgow Westend festival

Glasgow WestEnd festival  - Glasgow's biggest festival

and here comes the Venue map.  Loved it from the first sight. Simple yet complete.

23 February 2013

Putting Scotland on the map - The Scots who mapped the world

A sneak peak at Bartholomew's map exhibition at Edinburgh. 

I finally had a chance to have a look at the tools which were used to produce maps (some of them DID ring a bell). I've heard about some during my Cartography classes at the uni, but never realized how finicky job is to work with them.

And here is the neighbourhood where I live now. It is south side of Glasgow (still not sure if its Govan or Plantation).  

Related resources worth visiting:

13 November 2011

InMaps Your professional world. Visualized.

Just found out that LinkedIn has a tool to vizualize network connections.
My map. Deficiency: manual adjustments are not supported. I'd like to explode contacts.

The bigger amount of people connected + the more jobs you had, the more good looking map became. E.g.,

Give it a try.

12 November 2011

Visual Résumés

Not a long time ago Flowing data posted on its site about CV visualiztion. To get your visual CV you only need to sing up to http://re.vu/ or to http://vizualize.me/

Re.vu CV

Vizualize.me CV

Well, there are not so many templates, but settings are quite flexible. Enjoy!

30 October 2011

Hand made for GIS day

Suddenly I came up with Idea to make something funny or at least something uncommon for GISday. Well, I have neither a great mind nor time to do a presentation at my work. So, I've decided to make Cartography/GIS related by my hands.
I've chosen a picture for my 'Pin yourself on the map' badge.
while googling  for pins accidentally found nice hand made for GISday. Here are my 10 top findings
#1 Stairs

#2 Jacket 
#3 Cashwallet

#4 Love Map

#5  Christmas Ornaments

#6 Accessories - Earrings & Brangle /Bracelet & Ring

#7 Labels & Gift tags & Envelopes & Set of stickers
#8 Heart shaped pincushion

#9 A set of two hand-made buttons

 #10 Wrapping paper & Book cover

Reuse! Recycle! Be Creative!